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Griffith Central Leasing Opportunities Now Available

If you are a new or existing business looking for a shopfront position, Griffith Central provides great benefits, which will help your business to succeed.

Your business can now “Experience More” in this rich cultural community.

  • CUSTOMER TRAFFIC Griffith Central attracts over 1.25 million customers annually. Equating to 24 thousand customers each week.
  • SALES GROWTH During the past four moths, more than *80% of Stores posted a SALES INCREASE of between 5% – 45%.
  • DESIRABLE LOCATION Griffith Central is more than just a Shopping Mall – it’s a combination of desirable shops, high-end amenities and active involvement in the community.
  • GRIFFITH’S MAJOR SECTOR Retail Trade is one of Griffith’s Major Sectors, with Griffith Central contributing to around half the $86 million dollars generated.

Casual Leasing at Griffith Central

Griffith Central have a range of powered and unpowered sites available. See more on Casual Leasing.

Casual leasing opportunities are also available or contact Centre Management for more information.

Pop Up Shop at Griffith Central

Perfect for small business or additional brand exposure. See more on Pop Up Shops Leasing.

Pop up shops are now available at Griffith Central. Contact centre management for more information.